Mountain Escape

For those of us blessed to live in Colorado, the outdoor adventures are limitless! After a day of play, who wants to drive back to the city? Having a mountain retreat is a wonderful refuge from the coldest of winter days to the amazing starlit summer nights. These homes exude luxury and comfort while reflecting the quality & simplicity of Old Rustic Cabins.

Reclaimed wood and natural stone play a key role in many rustic moutain homes. Adding splashes of color & modern accents to a rustic surrounding helps bring a space to life. 



Using warmer, earth tones compliment the natural surroundings in a Home with a View! 


A home in the mountains isn't just for a relaxation space, your home should be designed around your passions, hobbies, and whatever activities you love! Just one more way to make your home more unique, and less traditional. Photos courtesy of Mountain Living. 


Don't be afraid to use bold color! It is a fabulous contrast against the natural materials and can create looks that are bold, modern, eclectic, and more. Photos courtesy of Mountain Living.


"Lighten up. Instead of wrought iron light fixtures, go with glass, white, or a splash of color. This creates a more modernized and updated getaway. The look is stunning and still perfect for the mountains. 

Get rid of the notion that 'mountain home' means bulky and musty! We can create the ideal retreat for whenever you want to get away or make a permanent lifestyle!


New Nurseries!

Babies bring so much joy and excitement to our lives. Their nursery should be a place to reflect that joy and happiness as well as be a space of function and comfort for both the child and the parent. 

Nurseries can be elegant, playful, themed, or casual - you can incorporate any style into your dream nursery for your baby. Below are just some of many different nursery designs/themes for boys, girls, or even unisex rooms! 


A sophisticated nautical theme ...

Incorporating a fun wallpaper can bring texture, life, & color into the room! Photos via


Playful and spacious nursery. Don't think the only color you can use in a girl's room is pink or blue for a boy! There are several ways to make any color work for either sex.

But a little bit of pink in a girls room never hurt! Photo via


Create an accent wall made of recycled wood that has vibrant colors mixed throughout. Photo vis

Or go all the way and incorperate bright and bold colors to every area of the room. It makes for a fun and eciting nursery. Photo via

You can create more of a formal look with rich wood tones, traditional chandelier, and cascading drapery.

Combining greys and yellows is a great way to create a modern, yet playful, unisex nursery.

A fun themed room for the future explorer!

Or create a fun reading/play room with a teepee! Whatever your design sense - softness, comfort, and functionality can all be incorporated into your nursery with flare and style!


Recycled Furniture!

In the design world, there is constantly a search for unique and unusual pieces. Reinventing or repurposing is becoming a big trend, especially when it comes to being earth friendly. You can bring new life to an old piece, whether it be a face lift, a redesign, or changing its function from its original purpose. I love incorporating unique, repurposed pieces into my designs and if you have the patience for a little  "treasure hunting", you'd be amazed at the fantastic things you'll find!

I reused antique "treasures" in several areas of a custom home I recently completed. My favorite is the 1880's Galvanized Highback Rock-n-Drain tub I found outside of LA!!! Most amazing tub I've ever seen and turns out its the same tub that was in the Clint Eastwood Movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"! I found a fabulous antique 1920's Myers Pump and worked with the Contractor on retrofitting it to function as the tub filler .... who wouldn't want to take a bath is this piece!

 Or ..... reuse/recyclematerials from past projects or items thrown out to create something fun!

Or use multiple pallets and create large seating areas like this one. This layout  would complete the look in a unique in-home theater. Photo courtesy of Pintrest.

Or use multiple pallets and create large seating areas like this one. This layout would complete the look in a unique in-home theater. Photo courtesy of Pintrest.

It doesn't stop with furniture either! You can use things like glass bottles or scrap metal to create exciting light fixtures for any area of your home. Photos courtesy of Events by Shelbi Rene, and Greypants.

You can even use things like books or newspapers to create lighiting and more importantly, quirky and pretty art pieces like this book wreath. Photo courtesy of Julie Ann Art.

Plus, you can even take things like fruit crates and create accent furniture like coffe tables or end tables that'll brighten up any space! Photo courtesy of DIY Furniture Pallet.

This is another install I did where we found antique license plates and covers all the walls of the powder room with them. You'll never run out of bathroom reading material .....!

The possibilities are endless with recycling/repurposing/reinventing and you're helping keep the earth a little greener.



What Fall Brings

Fall is finally here! Some of you have been looking forward to these next three months, and some of you probably haven't. However, something we can all look forward to is the many new things that come out or go on sale. For this blog, we're talking about textiles. So many textile companies always release new textiles, with exciting new color ways and patterns in the fall, and I'm going to show you a few of them today.

Some of the big textile manufactures with new lines out for Fall 2014 are Pollack, Donghia, Dedar, and Holly Hunt. Even though each line is different, and they have their own style, you can see a common trend throughout these materials. More earth tones/patterns are being used and the colors used are all warm and darker toned. Patterns are vibrant without the fussiness.

POLLACK TEXTILES - Jaipur Collection

Drift in Blackboard

Feathered Flax in Brown Rice

He Loves Me in Very Berry



Bolero - Azul

Braceo - Azul Claro


Pure Damask in Color 12

Hop in Color 01

Modern Illusion

Wow in multiple color options

HOLLY HUNT - Great Plains Collection

City Lights II in Haze

Day Dreamer in Lulaby

Peaks & Valleys in Driftwood

Gossamer in Stormy

These new collections are taking a step back and bring a warmer, vibrant feel into your homes with these elegant but casual new textiles for the Fall.


Custom Designs

As Designers, sometimes we are searching for a unique piece that can't seem to be found out there! Being able to create an original piece of furniture, a rug, or even an art piece unique for a Client is a fantastic reward! I recently got the opportunity to design a custom rug for a Client for his Ranch home. Designing & creating this piece was such a fun process! 

The Inspiration:

The custom mountain home has a very rustic feel with every inch of wall and ceiling covered in wood. We wanted to bring in vibrant color in the furnishings while maintaining a timeless western presence. While searching for rugs, we fell in love with an antique Moroccan baby cradle and decided to use it as inspiration to create a custom rug for the Dining Room. 

Sketches & Renderings:

Many different aspects of the baby cradle were pulled into the design of the rug. The stitching on the bottom of the cradle inspired the border, we used some motifs from the body of the cradle, increased the scale & made the pattern less busy, and punched up the vibrancy of the color.


We worked with a graphic artist to create a colored rendering for our review and used a corner mirror to create a full symmetrical view of how the finished rug would look.  

Once the pattern & layout was approved, we selected our yarn colors for each detail. We wanted to have a rustic look but give it a feel of an antique find with unique vibrant colors often seen in Moroccan weaving.

Color Selections/In Production:


The rug was hand woven in Morroco and took 6 months to create once the color strike off sample was approved. It turned out amazing and the client absolutely loves it!! 

Final Product: