Custom Designs
Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 11:20PM

As Designers, sometimes we are searching for a unique piece that can't seem to be found out there! Being able to create an original piece of furniture, a rug, or even an art piece unique for a Client is a fantastic reward! I recently got the opportunity to design a custom rug for a Client for his Ranch home. Designing & creating this piece was such a fun process! 

The Inspiration:

The custom mountain home has a very rustic feel with every inch of wall and ceiling covered in wood. We wanted to bring in vibrant color in the furnishings while maintaining a timeless western presence. While searching for rugs, we fell in love with an antique Moroccan baby cradle and decided to use it as inspiration to create a custom rug for the Dining Room. 

Sketches & Renderings:

Many different aspects of the baby cradle were pulled into the design of the rug. The stitching on the bottom of the cradle inspired the border, we used some motifs from the body of the cradle, increased the scale & made the pattern less busy, and punched up the vibrancy of the color.


We worked with a graphic artist to create a colored rendering for our review and used a corner mirror to create a full symmetrical view of how the finished rug would look.  

Once the pattern & layout was approved, we selected our yarn colors for each detail. We wanted to have a rustic look but give it a feel of an antique find with unique vibrant colors often seen in Moroccan weaving.

Color Selections/In Production:


The rug was hand woven in Morroco and took 6 months to create once the color strike off sample was approved. It turned out amazing and the client absolutely loves it!! 

Final Product:



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