Mountain Escape
Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 05:30PM

For those of us blessed to live in Colorado, the outdoor adventures are limitless! After a day of play, who wants to drive back to the city? Having a mountain retreat is a wonderful refuge from the coldest of winter days to the amazing starlit summer nights. These homes exude luxury and comfort while reflecting the quality & simplicity of Old Rustic Cabins.

Reclaimed wood and natural stone play a key role in many rustic moutain homes. Adding splashes of color & modern accents to a rustic surrounding helps bring a space to life. 



Using warmer, earth tones compliment the natural surroundings in a Home with a View! 


A home in the mountains isn't just for a relaxation space, your home should be designed around your passions, hobbies, and whatever activities you love! Just one more way to make your home more unique, and less traditional. Photos courtesy of Mountain Living. 


Don't be afraid to use bold color! It is a fabulous contrast against the natural materials and can create looks that are bold, modern, eclectic, and more. Photos courtesy of Mountain Living.


"Lighten up. Instead of wrought iron light fixtures, go with glass, white, or a splash of color. This creates a more modernized and updated getaway. The look is stunning and still perfect for the mountains. 

Get rid of the notion that 'mountain home' means bulky and musty! We can create the ideal retreat for whenever you want to get away or make a permanent lifestyle!

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