Exciting Furniture pt. 2

What goes with chairs? Well tables of course! Continuing on with the theme of last week, below are some pictures of different types of occasional and cigar tables that range in style.



This fabulous table is the Agadir Table from Gregorius Pineo. It is hand-forged Iron with terrapin texture and would work beautifully in either a rustic or modern setting.


I personally love nature, trees, all of that stuff. This occasional table from perfectly combines nature and functionality in a new and artistic way. 



There's nothing else that I've seen that looks like this Diego cigar table. It's bold, unique, and doesn't look like your average cigar table. 




You can't go wrong with a classic look, like this cigar table by Regina Andrews. The look and the colors of the base will make any place feel warm, as well as give it a classic and regal looks. The gold gives this cigar table a truly classic and antique look, without being outdated.


This amazing set of nesting tables is by Ted Boerner and blends acyrlic and lacquer beautifully!

Lastly, one of my favorite pieces. This vintage style Townsend Accent table will add character to any space. The style can also be applied to a lot of wood pieces of furniture you may already have. Just paint and rub through some areas with sand paper, and you have this fun, vintage look.


The variety in these pieces of furniture are sure to fit many different tastes out there, as well as give your home an exciting pop of furniture decor.


Exciting Furniture pt. 1

The function of any given piece of furniture is always of the most importance. It needs to be able to do the task it's made for whether it's supporting books, displaying dishes, or supporting your own weight. However, you don't have to sacrifice functionality, for design.


Take chairs for example, they don't have to be plain, they can be unique and colorful. Below are my top five picks for vanity and desk chairs that are functional, but also fun, exciting, and/or bold.


This chair definately makes a statement & could sit at your vanity, or office if you want something bold and very unique in either space, though it may not be for everyone. "The Rhino" by Maximo Riera.


The egg chair. It's been around for a little while, but it's design still manages to be modern and retro at the same time. This comfy chair would be great to sit in when you're doing work in your office. "Egg CHair" by Arne Jacobsen.


These contemporary vanity chairs have a bit of a traditional look on the bottom, but the fun colors and smooth lines of the seat update the look. These would be a great pop of color and elegance to any bathroom. "Minnie Stool" by PBteen.



This acrylic lounge chair brings a new life to a traditional classic! The translucent arcylic with a tint of color is the perfect modern twist to these pieces. These chairs are made in the UK by Espacio.


Lastly there's this bohemian chic vanity chair with wood detailing. It's grand and elegant, and who wouldn't want to sit in this chair when getting ready for a night out? You would feel like a queen. Designer unknown.


A New Retail Space

We're in a time where not only are people thinking outside the box, but designers and architects are finding new ways to use the box itself.

Retail and hospitality spaces in particular are coming up with new and inventive ways to create a space for business. Take the shipping container for example.


There are speces that have been created with anywhere from 1 to multiple containers. This 450sqft Starbucks Drive-Thru for example, is made up of four remodeled shipping containers. It's bold, different, and will definately peek curiosity to any passerby.


Then there's the concept of small gorcery stores made from one shipping container. Something like this would be perfect in small towns, or for local businesses. 


What better use for a shipping container than a big wearhouse, or well known retail store like Puma. Bold, spacious, creative, and creates a unique indoor/outdoor shoping experience on three different levels.


Take the facade of the Prahran Hotel. It is made out of large water pipes. Something that is guarenteed to draw your attention, and create a unique experience from the inside and out.


The pipes look into the restaurants dining space, and serve as comfortable booths. That is sure to be a new and fun experience you would never have thought to happen.


And then there is the simple task of finding a new way to design a space with the same materials. The world is always evolving, and places are being designed to open the mind, peek curiosity, and surprise you, like this retail below.

Open and spacious layout, creating a fun and exciting retail experience.


Wood is constantly seen in retail spaces, but not like this. It's used to create different shapes, and turn this retail space in Japan into something like a cave.

Architecture and design continues to evolve and break new ground, and it is exciting to see spaces like the ones above come to life, especially when the design is something that was once thought impossible.


Outside Matters Too

Decorating doesn't just end inside the house, it carries outside to the whole property. If your house is beautiful, no one will know that by looking at a poorly managed front or back yard. You should want your outdoor spaces to say just as much about you as your house does. 

Simple, but large deck will make a yard feel bigger as well as create a place to eat or relax outside in nice weather.


A room outside, gets the best of both worlds; natural lighting, while remaining comfortable in shade.


Love to garden? Surround yourself in your favorite plants. Create your own outdoor sanctuary including color, scents, and sounds.


Or you can create plant and flower beds. Fruit and vegtable gardens are easy to manage, and save you money by growing your own produce. Its great to get kids involved in helping maintain the gardens and watch things grow!


Take your tailgate party from simple to chic and create a luxury outdoor space to have fun, cook, and enjoy the game.


Love the ocean? Or just the color blue? Take something you love and incorporate it into your outdoor design. Your yard should be an extension of your home, and not just a place for weeds to grow.

Make your backyard feel like an escape from the caous of everyday life. You can create an oasis at your doorstep.

Your backyard is a piece of your home, and you can do just as much to it as you do in your home. You can create whatever environment you want, don't be afraid to design beyond the threshold.





It's About the Walls

Sure, paint is the quickest way to update a room and make it look fresh again, but do you ever find yourself wanting someting more exciting than paint on a wall? Well, no matter your budget, you can with wallcoverings and I don't just mean wall paper.


However, wallpaper is the first thing to come to mind, and it can be a very fun way to make a space pop like these wallcoverings from Harlequin and Schumacher.


Use drapery! Even if you dont have windows on a wall, adding drapery to each end of the wall will add visual interest.


Put stone on a wall for a more modern look. Even if it's not covering the entire wall, it will break up a wall so you aren't just looking at paint.


If you can't afford stone, or wallpaper, or even just want something will take less time to do, you can buy wall decals to put on your wall. It's quick, fun, and affordable.


Do you live in a older home? Well there's chance that there's brick thats waiting to be exposed. Talk to a contracter and see if you can remove that plaster and expose some natural brick! It will give any home character.


Then there's wainscoating. You have a good amout of flexibility when it comes to wainscoating as well. You can put in almost anywhere, decide how wigh you want it, what design it'll have, and you can pair it with paint, or wallcovering.


Wood will give your home a nice natural feel and look. Adding wood paneling on a wall, or several walls will make a space feel warm and comforting.


Lastly, there's the chair rail. This can go above wainscoating, or it can be by itself on a wall. It is a very subtle way to seperate the paint colors, or can be a great divide for paint and a wallcovering, adding volume to the room.


Don't stop at a painted wall if you want more. There are so many possibilities out there that can enhance the look of any home on any budget, so be bold and do something new.