Double Duty

Small house? Even smaller appartment? Or maybe even big house? Yet somehow you still don't have enough space to store all your blongings?? It's time to start thinking about 'double duty' and maximize on the space you do have.

Double Duty is something Sarah Susanka really pioneered and got people talking about. It's all about taking something in the house and giving it more than one use to maximize functionality, and minimize clutter.


Transformative furniture, like this sofa that doubles as a bunk bed, are key items to put in a house that is tight on space.


Create stoage under an open staircase.


You can even have storage in a table top! Perfect for dishes, place settings or even cook books!


Seating with storage underneath is alays a great way to save space and add room for storage.


Have a small closet in your home or apartment, but you just LOVE shoes? Get this shoe drawer available at Ikea and get all those shoes off the floor, and into on convenient place.


When you were little, you probable put stuff under your bed all the time right? Well, turns out that was actually a great idea!


Some of these examples can be created though a DIY project, and some need to be purchased, but let these ideas get your mind flowing on ways to make duble duty happen and maximize on saving space in your house or apartment.



There's a Method to the Madness??

When desigining a house, it may seem like an overload to the brain because everyone one has needs to be taken into consideration. Colors, wallpapers, furniture, which room they go in, accents, etc. However, there is something to keep in mind that may help calm the mental storm that comes with building/remodeling a home, restaurant, or business. 

Color psychology. There is a connection between color, it's placement and how it makes us feel, so it's important you don't paint a room the wrong color, or tone of color when designing a space. 



Example: Red is a color or romance and anger. Deep reds are good for a bedroom to create a romantic feeling, but you wouldn't want to paint an entire room bright red because overtime, you will become agitated just being in that space.


Next there's yellow; a color that enhances optimisum, joy, and positivity. It's a great color to have in a kitchen at home because it makes the kitchen feel like a warm, bright place the family can socialize and cook in. It's even a great color in a restaurant kitchen because it keeps the cooks mood up, and engourages them to stay energized.



Blue is a great color that can be used in several spaces. It's a calming color which is why it's a great color for bedrooms or even family rooms. It's a color that can used in almost ever shade throughout a house because it can be bold and fun, or soft and relaxing depending on it's placement.



Green is an earth tone. It's calming, helps people feel grounded, which leds itself to being a perfect color for gathering rooms/areas in homes or public spaces.

Color whether it's paint, a wallcovering, or upholstery can really have an impact on a room and the people in it, so make sure thay no matter what you chose, the color will enhance the mood you want to have in each space you design.


Color Me Fresh

One of the best ways to add a fresh look to your home, apartment, or whatever space you want to update, is through color. Want to make something old look new? Try a new color! To breathe new life into your space, it's always a great idea to look into current color trends.


With lots of daylighting and soft colors, this dining room really feels open, large, light. A great place to host guests.


For 2014, neutrals are back, but with a twist. Last year going big and bold with color was the idea, and this year color is still the best way to create a brighter fun space, except now you can do that with pastel colors.


Bedrooms are a great place for neutral colors, especially if it is a small room. Using this soft grey really creates the idea of more room in the space.


Neutral color tones keep a space open, bright, and inviting.


Neutral colors allow for more decorating possibilities as well! Add pops of color wherever desired. With grey neutrals especially, colors options are endless when it comes to picking accents for any room.


Create areas throughout the your home by creating an area of interest for the eye and use a softer sheen of a bold color.


Another 2014 trend to keep in mind when decorating your home is mix and matching patterns. Don't shy away from a good pattern, even if there's another pattern used in the space you want to fix up. It creates visual texture and makes the space more exciting. You can be subtle with light colored patterns like the image above, or you can go bold with patter/color choice like in the photo below.


You can be bold when going neutral! Especially in a light space. Pick an accent wall and choose any muted color, and it is sure to pop! Neutrals are a great way to be creative and fun as well as open up and lighten any space. 

It's time to get creative, and be neutral.


It's not where I left it!

Where is it?.... I could have sworn I left it here!...

Storage space is one of the biggest challenges home owners face. It is amazing how much we accumulate and don't realize until the day we must move it all! And keeping it organized can be an even bigger challenge. Start looking at architectural elements in the house .... staircases, window niches, or empty walls. With a little creativity and help, there are some amazing and beautiful ways to solve some of your storage problems!

An entry foyer is a great place (given room available) to create not only storage, but a wall scuplture that incorporates the natural light from the sky lights and gives the space a soft glow.

Staircases take up a huge amoun of square footage in a home. Any many times, the void beneath goes unused. This is a brilliant way to maximize the storage space under the stairs!

If you don't have the space for drawers to pull out on the side of the staircase, use the depth of the stairs themselves for storage drawers!

Do you have a book collecting problem?!? This is a fun and clever way to not only store but display your collection.

In many newer homes, wall space for even your flat screen TV can be a challenge. Utilizing the space under the stairs to create a custom built-in not only looks great, but keeps the electronic clutter tucked away.

This is an amazing use of storage and perfect for a Loft space!

Creating a built-in bed surrounded by storage shelves and drawers is a great approach when you're stuck with that window niche in a Kid's room and have no idea what to do with it.

And when all else fails, start shoving things under the bed!

A fun and playful way to store and displace your music, books, etc.

Many of us don't have room for a Home Office but still need a place to keep the daily bills and clutter tucked away. Convert a deep coat closet into a built-in office! The mirrored doors match the paneling across the wall so when the doors are closed, the wall has a seamless look.

And to throw you for a loop, this is an interior of a camping trailer! Gorgeous and an incredible use of space! The perfect way to travel on a summer weekend get-a-way!


Free Form & Beauty

Art and sculpture can be elegant, striking, breath taking, and evoke emotion. These elements have been breathing life into interiors for centuries. Whether the art is a stand-alone piece and the focal point of the space or the finishing touch to an elegant interior, it is the jewelry and celebration of individual expression, energy, thought, and reflection. 


Artist Guy Laramee creates zen-like landscapes of mountains, caves, and valleys. These nature evoking pieces are works out of books.



Kate MccGuire sculpts using hundreds of thousands of feathers. These structures eminate life and movement with almost a liquid like quality, pouring out of voids, nooks, and flowing along walls and floors. These pieces look as if they could come to life and have an amazing textural and vibrant quality. 


This sculpted cardboard interior was designed in Athens, Greece. Named “Papercut”, the project was a collaboration between the fashion designer and dARCH Studio. Eco-friendly materials were used to create a beautiful marriage between interior design, fashion, and the architectural elements within.


The work of Riusuke Fukahori creates an illusion of  life in motion. These artistic masterpieces are not real goldfish but carefully crafted paintings embalmed in plastic. The Japanese artist works with a technique: using thousands of layers of resin and the goldfish are painted on top of one another, and the result is a near-perfect reproduction of goldfish all swimming endlessly.


This 3-dimensional art installation defies gravity, suspending translucent formable material with slender metal cables anchored to the ceiling. 

This tree-like sculpture has a whimsical quality, breathing life, movement, and color into the room.    

Architect Anglo-Iraqi Zaha Hadid redecorated the Neil Barrett store in Tokyo, using a minimalist approach, playing with form, light, & shadow. These retail display structures were created out of Molding corian.


This man-made “forest” brings a frolicsome personality to a simple commercial lobby space. Both innovative and eco-friendly,  the flowing wood structure creates more intimate settings, allowing for more of an encompassing feel in a building lacking much architectural divisions of space.