Feather Your Nest

Feathers have a natural beauty, drama, and elegance. They bring a whimsical flair to any interior space, enriching the ambiance of the room. Incorporating this natural element with furniture, lighting, or interiors invites vibrant color, flowing texture, and unique character.



The interior design firm Tshuka has recently come out with a small collection of furniture including this gorgeous, tufted lounge chair. It takes a traditional concept and gives it new life with a vibrant blue velvet and peacock feathers that frame the chair.



Adding a luxurious feathered tape to pillows or drapery is a simple approach to emphasize a design detail or dress up a simple tailored fabric.


Have fun with feathers on the floor! The rug company Flor has come out with a playful rug concept with Francois Robert's Fine Feathers carpet tile in cut-pile nylon.

    This amazing chandelier creates light floating clouds of feathers that illuminate any room with a soft glow. South African designer, Haldane Martin, designed the Fiela chandelier  using Ostrich feathers.

“Fiela Feather Lights are named after Dalene Mathews book ‘Fiela se Kind’.This heart warming South African story is set in Oudtshoorn, the same ostrich farming district where the sort white feathers that form the spherical diffuser are sourced from.” DeZeen Magazine

This feather wrapped sconce brings an element of surprise with its almost “nest-like” form. It has wonder and excitement, having a playful presence luring you to search out what’s inside!

  Peacock feathers have an amazing luminance, rich with jewel tone colors, creating movement and texture. This amazing wallcovering is created by Schumacher.

..... Another amazing wall covering design by Schumacher, using small feathers creating visual movement of color. 

For the lovers of the strange and unusual …..  this chair is by Five Ten Studio and is completely covered in Black Feathers. Difficult to sit on but quite the conversation piece!

This Kitchen remodel done in Dix Hills, New York displays a unique custom ceiling treatment, showcasing creativity, a playful spirit, and colorful design taste.

Nourison’s Parrallel Rug in Lavender a soft, whimsical personality. Beautiful in a traditional setting as well as modern interior.

   If you have a little time and a lot of feathers you could create and amazing art installation like this! This beautiful wall is at the Seedhouse showroom in Manhattan. The owner, Ellen Carey, created this wall using luminous, yellow feathers!


Natural Beauty

Rusticity meets timeless refinement. Mother nature has mastered simplicity of form and function while creating an eternal beauty.  Being sensitive to environmental design principles while embracing an artistic pursuit can be the perfect union. These furniture pieces can serve as a functional work of art or become a compliment to any room.

The Infinity Bench by Jean de Merry unites a trio of American Rosewood, painted brass, Patagonian long-hair sheepskin.

Totem 4 poster bed by Ted Boerner brings simplicity and balance of nature, using sustainably harvested wood – available in walnut, white oak, cherry, or maple.

         Grand Chene cocktail table is created with nickel bands wrapped around stacked, reclaimed oak remnants.

This custom organic light fixture is featured in Playback Recording Studio in Santa Barbara, CA. http://playbackrecording.com/portfolio-item/live-room/

The chandelier by Don McAuley is made from peeled Mountain Laurel branches, non-acidic filler for concealed wires, and maintains a natural finish.

Wiggle Chair by Frank O. Gehry designed 1972. This timeless piece is created by using cardboard layers with fibreboard edging. Almost half a century later, this chair eminates a minimalist glamour.


The Torre Stools by Jean de Merry  takes a simple form from Oak blocks and unites linear brass inlays, giving the stump interest and depth.


This furniture is made with NewspaperWood, combined with real wood & old newspaper that has been glued together. "NewspaperWood is a series of layers of paper that appear like grains of wood or rings from a tree. This upcycling process gives new life to what some consider recyclable waste.” Ecofirstart 


The Chicago Rotating Cocktail Table is created by The Old Wood Co. It uses reclaimed chestnut wood contrasted by the simple steel structured base, contrasting textures, framing a simple elegance.

The Hammock (“Rede Cunha”) by Zanini  de Zanine, a Brazilian designer/architect,  is made from solid reclaimed Ipe architectural beams. Function and form at its best!


The Topanga Shelves by Environments combines interior honeycomb paneling made primarily from recycled, post-consumer paper pulp that keeps it lightweight. Glues are water-based and nontoxic. “Four finish options let it take on a life of its own: recycled content Kraft paper, upcycled newspaper, one-of-a-kind Collector’s Edition artist paintings, and create-your-own-masterpiece.” Environments 





Fueling the Flame

Fire and water joined together creates the perfect union. Taking a vacation from the everyday roller coaster of life is essential for ones sanity. These fireplaces can help create that escape without necessarily leaving home.



This is the Stix bio booze alfresco broiler by Ecosmart Blaze. This fireplace takes a modern approach to an old fassioned stick fire. Designed by architecture by Hiroshi Tsunoda Architecture Studio, its powered by clean-burning, environmentally affable bio ethanol. The 3L burner will burn for more than eight hours,  It’s an elegant, simple fire, perfect for a social gathering or intimate setting.


This  modern portable fireplace is the Ecosmart Synergy Aspect Fireplace by Room and Board. Its ventless and portable allowing you to place it in any space, indoors or out. No plug in is needed – fueled by organic bio-ethanol.




This fireplace is a great solution for a small outdoor space, providing both an ambient fire and a grill.  The fireplace is created by Attica called the Conmoto Fireplace.



This fireplace, designed by Oslo-based architects Haugen/Zohar, would bring a functional work of art to an outdoor space! It’s built with leftover materials from a local construction site, creating the pine and oak structure.


The ModFire outdoor fireplace is manufactured by hand, located in a steel studio in Arizona. This fireplace has the flexibility to burn wood, propane, or natural gas. This would be a fabulous addition to a rustic outdoor setting as well as a modern scene.



Wine lovers, this is for you! The Brandy from Sywawa is a large designer firepit made from 6mm heat resistant, powder coated steel wire. Designed by Lieven Musschoot and Mathias Hennebel, the firepit also features a heat resistant 2mm thick steel ash tray.


Designed by Benjamin Mesnard in Arkiane, this is the Eclypsya fireplace. Designed with glass on both side, it allows you to enjoy the view from every angle.  This piece would provide a sculptural touch to any indoor or outdoor space.


The metal branch-like rods in this fireplace create a sense of movement to the simple form. The cutout sets a tone of intrigue, luring you to seek out the amazing view from behind the wall.


These understated fire pits are the perfect accent for an outdoor setting on the beach,  the pool, or any intimate gathering. The Brasero Modern Outdoor Fire Pit is designed by Jose A. Gandia,  manufactured by Gandia Blasco. 


CAUTION - Kids at Play!!

One of the biggest challenges parents face is space and function in  a Childs room.  Think outside of the box when it comes to form and function. Having fun with the layout and the furniture itself can create a playful environment with energy and style.  


The floating beds pull the furniture off the floor, giving more area for storage below. The playful platforms and rope gives this room a “Camp” type feel!


Play with the unexpected. The curves of these dressers create a work of art that is both functional and playful.


The canvas tent and panels transform this simple bunk into a playhouse  as well as help hide a messy bed.


Play areas are important for children and what a great way  to create an outdoor feel in an indoor space!


This cabinet was created with storage underneath and slat doors that when open, you find a hidden twin bed inside! What a great way to create a private nook.


Storage solutions can still have style. These acrylic colored cubes create artful towers as well as a place for books, toys, and nick nacks!


The lines of this bunk bed allow for an light, open feel. This is a great solution for rooms tight on space.


     Combine furniture functions…. This book shelf unit creates a lounging area for reading books. This would be a great solution for a wall with a window!


Vibrant color, textures, and accentuated shapes and scale bring this childrens’ room to life.


This is a great solution for small odd spaces in a room. This built-in provides a desk area, window seat, and storage in one.


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