Rebecca Kaufman Interior Designer Denver Interview Cowgirl in Mountains Wearing Custom Hat

Daily Inspiration: Meet Rebecca Kaufman

Enjoy a closer look into Denver based rebaL design's founder & principal designer, Rebecca Kaufman, with this recent interview between her and Voyage Denver. Read more

Colorado Homes Magazine Featuring rebaL design's Colorado Primary Bathroom design

This Year’s Best Bathrooms – Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine

8 Baths that say Ahhh, "Colorado Homes & Lifestyles" featuring a rebaL design's Primary Bathroom Design in Colorado Read article

Jose Martinez Medina - ALEXANDER SOFA

Furniture as Functional as a Swiss Army Knife

Small, but mighty.  Sleek, yet sophisticated.  Multifunctional furniture is swinging a mighty jab to the small (and large) demanding spaces of today.  From space restrictions to screen, tablet, and device needs, furniture is obliged to perform more than ever while also complimenting one's style.  The art of curating both form and function has long been celebrated and can be seen in the following five tailored styles that bend and shift like a Swiss Army Knife to match modern demands. Read more

Beefbar, a Paris restaurant of internationally acclaimed interior architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Povet and designers Humbert & Poyet.

Art Deco in Modern Form

Crisp lines, balanced forms, slabs of stone, and lustrous leathers uniting into a sculpture of sleek design…an elegant dance of form and function. Read more

9 Pretty Powder Rooms That Pack a Style Punch – 5280 Home

A Pierre Frey wallpaper with a cactus motif and a leather-strapped hanging mirror give this space, created by rebaL design, a Southwestern desert vibe. Photo by Kimberly Gavin Read more

Broken Is Beautiful

The idea of "Broken Is Beautiful" has been dancing through my mind! It started with dropping my grandmothers antique marble hand roller, watching it break as it collided with the floor. I spent hours trying to decide how the precious item could be repaired .... stumbling upon a technique called Kintsugi, or Kintsukuroi, poetically translating to “golden joinery". Read more

Old Genre with a New Look

From jagged mountains, mud pots, and geysers, Yellowstone Park captures the heart of all who get to experience its wonders. The landscape and culture are a delicate glimpse of our Western past. Growing up on the border of Yellowstone allowed me to be immersed in such beauty. And Native American and Western art are breathing new life in the West! Read more

endless summer

For outdoorsy types, heaven might look a lot like C Lazy U Ranch, a 100-year-old establishment outside of Granby, Colorado, that offers fly-fishing, horseback riding hiking, skiing and numerous other activities. Responsible for the interior design of several homes on the ranch, Rebecca Kaufman of rebaL design worked closely with Jeff and Kim Nelson to design the interior of their custom ranch home. Read article

rocky roads

rebaL design was recently featured in Rustic Country magazine for her contribution to this dreamy mountain retreat. From the warm tones of the wood on the walls, ceilings and floors to the luxurious furniture and roomy kitchen, the home is a place to long for and relish. Read article

Home on the Range

A new mountain home with interiors by rebaL design exudes heritage and rich character with timeworn materials, eclectic accessories and vintage details. Read article